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The Center for Medical and Hygiene Emergencies
The Center for Medical and Hygiene Emergencies was established in 1972 with two personnel including a physician (Dr. Hamidieh) and a nurse; it has a forty-year experience in offering treatment services to the noble and hardworking personnel of the ICT Ministry. Dr. Hamidieh did his best to treat the patients and the coworkers; there were many examples where he paid the costs of patients' commutes in addition to the cost of the prescription. (His soul may rest in peace.)
The development of the communications industry and the need of the personnel to more welfare and treatment services impelled the then officials to expand the Center.
Therefore a Health Office was established and it turned to the General Health Office after a while. It later changed to the General Office for Professional Health as the result of the need of the communications sector to the General Office for Industrial Health. Upon formation of public insurance all over the country, and delegation of treatment service of state employees to the government, the organizational chart of the Center was downsized and it changed into a small inactive unit.
After the victory of the Islamic Revolution, and consequently vast transformation in the communications industry sector of the country, the unit was renamed to Center for Medical and Health Emergencies as a general office aimed at offering optimum treatment services to communications sector employees. The Center took a new step in fulfilling its objective i.e. procuring health and hygiene services. The Center has now different specialized and super specialized clinics including psychiatry, obstetrics and genecology, ENT, dermatology, pediatrics, general surgery, urology, neurology, orthopedics, general dentistry, specialized dentistry (periodontal surgery and maxillofacial surgery), ophthalmology and specialized treatments including metabolism and endocrinology, hematology and oncology, respiratory, gastrointestinal and liver offered by an adept staff including over 85 physician and dentists; the center also offers paraclinical services including laboratory, sonography, audiometric, optometry, cardiac stress test, echocardiography, endoscopy, vaccination, speech therapy, psychology, physiotherapy etc.; with its six subsidiary health centers in Tehran, it is one of the best and well-equipped sate treatment centers working in two shifts of morning and evening as well as round-the-clock emergency unit.

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